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What’s Keeping Me Awake

I’m kind of at a weird point in my life right now… I’m currently not in school, I’m taking a little time of to figure some things out and work on myself for a while before I start again. So basically I’m trying to use this time to teach myself and draw as much as possible, as well as correct a lot of other parts of my upside down life! I had been drawing every day for a while and really enjoying it, but for some reason I haven’t been drawing as much this last week or so. I didn’t really draw at all today, and its really bothering me… Its such a strange thing, but on days when I don’t draw anything I feel so guilty, If enough time goes by where I don’t work on anything or at least sketch, I’ll start to feel really anxious, really restless, and I often feel really bad about myself. Everyone says you need a break now and then, and this is true to an extent… But drawing is what I love, its my whole life at this time and I often feel its really all I have or need, so given my current situation, there is no excuse why I’m not drawing every single day, and drawing well! I’ve got to relax, remove all the things in people who don’t belong in my thoughts and start achieving these goals I dream about every day. The more I write here the more disappointed I am in myself :/ 

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully I’ll get myself together enough to draw something worth looking at, or better yet maybe I’ll learn something too…

- For anyone who’s interested

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  • 10 May 2012