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About Me

My name is Jimmy Catanzaro, I’m a 23 year old freelance artist & illustrator from Las Vegas, Nevada, and I’m currently working toward a more stable carrier in illustration. I’m a pretty simple guy but I have really big dreams and I’m currently trying to work my way to San Francisco to pursue my illustration education and possibly carrier. I am formally educated as an artist and I studied animation in the past. I love all art forms from animation, music and film, to painting and sculpture, but drawing is what I love most. I am constantly learning, practicing, and studying, working toward becoming a more talented and well rounded artist. The reason I decided to make this blog was to show people some of the things that make me who I am. To hopefully help relieve some stress, anxiety and frustration as well as be able to show my work, to provide a look into my mind, to share my views and opinions on art and lastly to keep track of my own progress as an artist. If you’re interested, I am available to do commissioned work and many of the pieces shown on the blog are for sale. You can contact me at jimmycatanzaro@hotmail.com and also feel free to ask questions or provide feedback… thanks for checking out my work and I hope you enjoy the blog!