Jimmy's Sketchbook

Art and Illustration of Jimmy Catanzaro

Sketchbook Update: Some anatomical studies (Jaguar & Polar Bear) I did based off some taxidermy I saw at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

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Sketchbook Update: Some quick character design sketches I did a few weeks ago, nothing fancy. 
Here is a recent illustration I did for a new client (Twin Sirens) Ink and Colored Pencil on Toned Paper… I really enjoyed doing this piece. 

This was Definitely the highlight of my trip! Going to see TheNat (San Diego Natural History Museum)… I’ve always been really inspired by Paleontology and Anatomy, so this was the perfect place to go and gather reference shots. I took over 300 photos that day, these are just a few of my favorites. Really awesome stuff!

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Got a chance to check out the Air & Space Museum in San Diego, CA a few weeks ago… I got to see some really inspiring stuff!

(Source: jimmysketchbook)

Late Night Drawing… I guess I have a cluttered mind tonight, as I often do. One of the things that always gets me bye is drawing, whenever I’m stressed or can’t sleep, I create imaginary characters, animals, people, and worlds in my sketchbook. I guess some people would consider it a temporary escape from reality? But anyway, this is a snapshot of a  somewhat rough sketch for some more astronaut ideas I have. Photo taken with Instagram.

These are some Comparative anatomy studies (Neanderthal & Homo Sapiens)… I really love doing this kind of scientific illustration, here I was working mostly with sepia toned micron ink.

Paleo-illustration… study of a Triceratops skull.

Some creature design concept sketches, some more stuff from the new book. Lately I’ve been really interested in pre-historic animals, these are some concepts for upcoming illustrations I hope to do.

Anatomy of a gun, Beretta model 84… Something just for fun, this is in the new book I started that I’m currently working in.

Some more animal studies.

Studies of facial expressions, here I’m working from the Peck Atlas of Human Anatomy, as I often do. I found these to be pretty interesting.

Some color illustrations from my anatomy sketchbook (watercolor, Colored Pencil, and Ink)

Some random anatomical studies.

Hand Studies… been doing mostly Hogarth studies lately.